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Current rules OII is working on

See our Jan-June 2024 Rulemaking Agenda [PDF].

If you would like to provide a comment on OII’s draft rules or receive more information on OII’s current rulemaking, please email to be added to our list for rulemaking notifications.

What are rules?

A rule is a directive that an agency or others must follow. The authority for rulemaking must be based in statute. Rules often interpret or clarify language in a statute or set procedures to carry out the law described in the statute. In Washington state, rules are captured in the Washington Administrative Code, or WAC.

What is the rulemaking process?

Rulemaking is the process state agencies use to create and adopt a rule. The goal is to write understandable rules, ensure the public is notified of the agency’s intent to develop rules, and encourage public participation in the rule-making process.

There are three steps in the rulemaking process:

  1. Preproposal statement of inquiry
  • A statement that advises the public that OII may adopt rules on a given topic.
  • This statement is published on form CR-101 in the Washington State Register and would be published on the OII website
  • Members of the public can notify OII that they want to be involved in the rulemaking process, including receiving and providing comment on initial draft rules.
  1. Proposed rulemaking
  • Informs the public of the specific rules that OII intends to adopt, including the text of the proposed rules, and details regarding the required public hearing.
  • This information is published on form CR-102, also available in the state register.
  • The CR-102 will include instructions on how to comment on a proposed rule, including how to attend the public hearing.
  1. Rulemaking order
  • Informs the public about a rule amendment or new rule that OII has adopted.
  • Published on form CR-103P.