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Public Records

Making a public records request

OII is committed to providing the fullest access possible to the agency's public records, in accordance with the state Public Records Act. Certain records are exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act and other laws. If a record is exempt from disclosure, we will provide the exemption and an explanation of how it applies.

Public Records Center 

To make a records request, visit the OII Public Records Center and follow the instructions there. 

The Public Records Act requires government agencies five business days to respond to a request for a public record. The day the request is received does not count as one of the five days, nor do weekends and holidays observed by the agency.

  • provide the records (or an installment of the records)
  • acknowledge receipt of the request and give an estimated timetable for delivery
  • ask for clarification
  • deny the request with a statement as to why the record is being withheld and a citation of the applicable state or federal statute.


Public disclosure of requests

The OII Public Records Portal is maintained by an external vendor, GovQA. Your request and any supporting documents you provide are subject to public disclosure undethe Washington State Public Records Act.